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This project is made up of songs that I wrote for my girls when they were little. As they grew up I had a desire to record them before they grew up too much.

Anna and Paloma joined me in making this CD by singing melody and harmony. Paloma created the beautiful digital cover art. Special thanks to longtime friend Mark Aubrey for playing the bass and Jeff Tolbert for recording, mixing and mastering.

Please enjoy.

Rick Tuttle

Click the play button to listen to the whole CD.

If you want to download each track click the download button (down arrow) on each track.

5 thoughts on “Listen Now or Download

  1. Michael Bennett

    I had just put in a load of clothes,and sat down, to catch up on facebook, when i came upon this,! …I was totally blown away, overwhelmed, and at moments,brought to tears, having just lost, a grandchild,….these songs are so beautiful ,and well done, i’m speechless !!!

  2. Bertica

    Rick, thanks for sharing with me all these beautiful songs. You are an inspiration to us all.
    Love you,
    Tía Bertica

  3. Alison

    I am being blessed right now as I listen to these beautiful, anointed arrangements. My little one liked them too. Calmed him and put him right too sleep. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Nize

    Rick, Paloma and Anna,
    Uncle John and I just finished listening to your lullabies. It is great! I cried through most of it just thinking of Abuela and how thrilled and proud she would be listening to her grandson and great granddaughters! God is really blessing us all through your music. Love you, tia Nize

  5. Qianran Dai

    Rick, Paloma and Anna,

    I’m moved by your beautiful songs, thanks for sharing. You’re my soul healers.

    Qianran Dai


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